Biblical Meaning Of 70

Numbers hold great significance in the Bible, and the number 70 is no exception. Throughout the Scriptures, the number 70 appears in various contexts, carrying symbolic and spiritual meaning. In this article, we will delve into the biblical meaning of 70 and explore its significance in different biblical accounts and passages. Let us embark on a journey to uncover the hidden treasures of this intriguing number.

The Symbolism of 70 in Scripture

  1. Completeness and Wholeness:
    • In biblical numerology, the number 7 represents completeness and perfection. When multiplied by 10, the number 70 amplifies this symbolism, signifying an even greater level of wholeness and completion.
    • The number 70 suggests the fulfillment of a divine purpose or plan, indicating a sense of fullness or entirety in a particular context.
  2. Divine Judgment and Restoration:
    • The duration of the Babylonian exile, as prophesied by Jeremiah, was set at 70 years. This period represented a time of divine judgment and correction for the disobedient nation of Israel.
    • After the completion of the 70 years, God restored the Israelites to their land, symbolizing a season of restoration and redemption.
  3. Leadership and Authority:
    • Moses appointed 70 elders to assist him in leading and governing the Israelites in the wilderness (Numbers 11:16-17). This selection of 70 elders represented the establishment of leadership and authority among God’s chosen people.
    • The 70 elders were anointed with the Spirit of God, empowering them to share in Moses’ responsibilities and carry out their roles with wisdom and discernment.
  4. The Nations and Global Reach:
    • In the Old Testament, the descendants of Noah were said to have populated the earth after the flood. According to Genesis 10, there were 70 nations or people groups that descended from Noah’s sons.
    • The number 70 symbolizes the diverse nations of the world, emphasizing the global reach and universal nature of God’s plan and redemptive purposes.

Examining Key Biblical Accounts Involving 70

  1. The Exodus Journey:
    • When the Israelites set out on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, they numbered around 70 individuals (Genesis 46:27). This marked the beginning of their transformation into a great nation.
  2. The Seventy Weeks Prophecy:
    • In the book of Daniel, the prophet receives a vision of the seventy weeks, which is often interpreted as a period of 490 years (Daniel 9:24-27).
    • This prophecy encompasses various events, including the coming of the Messiah and the restoration of Jerusalem. It highlights the divine timeline and plan for the redemption of humanity.
  3. The Commissioning of the Disciples:
    • Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs, appointing 70 of them to go ahead of him and preach the gospel (Luke 10:1).
    • The selection of 70 disciples indicated the expansion of Jesus’ ministry and the spreading of his message to a wider audience.
  4. The Sanhedrin:
    • The Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish council during the time of Jesus, consisted of 70 members.
    • This council played a significant role in religious and legal matters, highlighting the authority and governance within the Jewish community.
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The Number 70 in the Context of Divine Timing and Fulfillment

  1. Prophetic Fulfillment:
    • Throughout the Bible, we witness the fulfillment of prophetic declarations that were marked by the number 70. These fulfillments serve as a testament to God’s faithfulness and His meticulous timing.
    • For example, in the book of Jeremiah, the prophecy of the 70-year Babylonian exile was precisely fulfilled as God had proclaimed (Jeremiah 25:11-12, 29:10).
  2. The Year of Jubilee:
    • In the Old Testament, the Year of Jubilee was celebrated every 50th year (Leviticus 25:8-13). However, in Jewish tradition, the 50th year was referred to as the “70th year” since the count started from the entry into the Promised Land.
    • The Year of Jubilee marked a time of release, restoration, and reset. It symbolized the culmination of seven cycles of seven years, emphasizing a complete restoration of land, freedom, and debts.
  3. The Significance of Generations:
    • The genealogical records in Scripture often highlight the significance of the number 70 in the context of generations.
    • For instance, in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, there are precisely 14 generations listed from Abraham to David, 14 generations from David to the Babylonian exile, and 14 generations from the exile to Christ (Matthew 1:17).
    • The number 14, which is twice 7, signifies completeness and signifies the fulfillment of God’s promise to send the Messiah.

The Spiritual Significance of 70: Lessons for Believers

  1. Embracing Divine Timing:
    • The biblical meaning of 70 reminds us of the importance of embracing God’s timing in our lives. Just as God fulfilled His promises in His perfect timing, we are called to trust in His faithfulness and surrender to His divine plan.
    • This number encourages us to be patient and faithful as we wait for God’s promises to come to fruition.
  2. Seeking Restoration and Redemption:
    • The number 70 also represents restoration and redemption. It reminds us that God is in the business of restoring what was lost and redeeming what was broken.
    • As we encounter challenges and setbacks in life, we can find hope in the promise of restoration and redemption that God offers.
  3. Recognizing Divine Authority and Leadership:
    • The appointment of 70 elders by Moses and the selection of 70 disciples by Jesus highlight the significance of leadership and authority within God’s kingdom.
    • The biblical meaning of 70 encourages us to honor and respect the leaders God has placed in our lives and to embrace our own roles as leaders and influencers in our spheres of influence.
  4. Embracing Unity and Diversity:
    • The number 70 represents the diversity of nations and people groups, reminding us of the beauty of God’s creation and His desire for unity.
    • As believers, we are called to embrace and celebrate diversity, fostering unity and harmony among different cultures and backgrounds.
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The Symbolic Connections of the Number 70 in Biblical Narratives

  1. The 70 Elders and the Transfer of Authority:
    • In Numbers 11:16-17, Moses was instructed by God to select 70 elders to share the burden of leadership with him.
    • This event symbolizes the transfer of authority and the distribution of God’s Spirit among the chosen elders, emphasizing the importance of collective wisdom and shared responsibility in guiding God’s people.
  2. The 70 Nations and God’s Sovereignty:
    • According to Genesis 10, the descendants of Noah gave rise to 70 nations, each with its unique culture, language, and identity.
    • This enumeration of nations reflects God’s sovereignty over the entire world and His desire for all nations to acknowledge and worship Him.
  3. The Seventy Weeks Prophecy and the Messianic Era:
    • In Daniel 9:24-27, the angel Gabriel reveals to Daniel the prophecy of the seventy weeks, which is often interpreted as a timeline leading to the coming of the Messiah.
    • This prophecy signifies the culmination of God’s redemptive plan and the establishment of His everlasting kingdom through the work of the Messiah.
  4. The Sending of the Seventy Disciples:
    • In Luke 10:1-24, Jesus sends out seventy disciples in pairs to proclaim the Kingdom of God and perform miracles.
    • The selection of seventy disciples represents the extension of Jesus’ ministry beyond His immediate circle of twelve apostles, highlighting the call for all believers to actively participate in sharing the good news.

The Spiritual Lessons and Applications of the Number 70

  1. Humility and Shared Leadership:
    • The appointment of the 70 elders and the sending of the seventy disciples underscore the importance of humility and shared leadership in the body of Christ.
    • As believers, we are called to recognize and honor the diverse gifts and callings of others, embracing a spirit of unity and collaboration in fulfilling God’s purposes.
  2. God’s Sovereignty and Universal Redemption:
    • The symbolism of the 70 nations reminds us of God’s sovereignty over all peoples and His desire for every nation to experience His redemptive love.
    • This understanding encourages us to embrace a global perspective, valuing and actively engaging in missions and outreach efforts to reach people from every nation with the Gospel.
  3. Divine Timing and Prophecy:
    • The prophecy of the seventy weeks in Daniel teaches us about the importance of divine timing in the fulfillment of God’s promises.
    • This encourages us to trust in God’s perfect timing in our lives, even when circumstances may seem uncertain or prolonged.
  4. Active Participation in Kingdom Work:
    • The sending of the seventy disciples demonstrates Jesus’ call for all believers to actively participate in the work of the Kingdom.
    • We are encouraged to step out in faith, share the Gospel, and minister to others, knowing that God equips and empowers us for His purposes.

The Divine Purposes and Patterns Associated with the Number 70

  1. The Significance of Generations:
    • In Scripture, the number 70 is often connected to the concept of generations, representing the passing of time and the continuity of God’s covenant with His people.
    • The genealogies in the Bible often highlight significant individuals who lived for 70 years or were part of a lineage that spanned 70 generations.
  2. Completion and Fulfillment of Time:
    • The number 70 symbolizes the completion and fulfillment of a designated period of time or a specific task.
    • In the case of the Babylonian exile, the 70-year duration represented the completion of God’s judgment on Israel and the subsequent restoration.
  3. Divine Revelation and Spiritual Awakening:
    • The Feast of Weeks, also known as Pentecost, occurs 50 days after Passover. However, Jewish tradition adds an additional 20 days, making a total of 70 days.
    • This extension symbolizes a period of preparation and anticipation, leading up to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the early Church on the Day of Pentecost.
  4. Spiritual Growth and Maturation:
    • The number 70 is associated with the idea of spiritual growth and maturity, signifying the journey of believers as they develop and deepen their relationship with God.
    • It suggests a process of transformation and maturation that takes place over a significant period of time, involving trials, lessons, and personal development.
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Lessons and Applications of the Biblical Meaning of 70

  1. Embracing God’s Timing and Seasons:
    • The number 70 reminds us of the importance of embracing God’s timing and seasons in our lives.
    • Just as Israel experienced the completion of the Babylonian exile after 70 years, we are encouraged to trust in God’s faithfulness and remain patient during seasons of waiting and preparation.
  2. Recognizing the Journey of Spiritual Growth:
    • The symbolism of 70 encourages believers to recognize that their spiritual journey is a lifelong process of growth, maturation, and deepening intimacy with God.
    • It reminds us to remain steadfast and committed to our spiritual development, allowing God to shape us into His image over time.
  3. Anticipating Divine Revelation and Transformation:
    • The extension of 70 days leading up to the Day of Pentecost highlights the importance of preparing our hearts for divine revelation and spiritual awakening.
    • As believers, we should cultivate an atmosphere of anticipation, seeking God’s presence and desiring to experience His transformative work in our lives.
  4. Trusting in God’s Promises and Faithfulness:
    • The completion of the 70-year exile and the subsequent restoration of Israel serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His promises.
    • We are encouraged to trust in God’s faithfulness and hold fast to His promises, knowing that He will fulfill His plans for our lives in His perfect timing.


The biblical meaning of the number 70 reveals divine purposes, patterns, and lessons associated with time, spiritual growth, and God’s faithfulness. It teaches us to embrace God’s timing, recognize our journey of spiritual growth, anticipate divine revelation, and trust in God’s promises. May we apply these lessons to our lives, seeking to grow in faith, deepen our relationship with God, and walk in alignment with His divine plan for us.

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