Biblical Meaning Of The Number 47

Welcome to our exploration of the number 47 and its special meaning in the Bible. Numbers often have deep meanings in the Bible, and today we’re going to learn about one such number, 47. This number appears in different ways throughout the Bible, and it has some interesting stories and meanings attached to it.

First, let’s talk about why numbers are important in the Bible. In many places, numbers help tell stories and show messages that are important for people to understand. They can represent ideas or tell us how many times something happened.

Now, let’s focus on the number 47. This number isn’t mentioned a lot, but it has some unique connections to key ideas and events in the Bible. For example, it links to some important concepts in the 47th book of the Bible, which is 2 Corinthians. This book talks about comfort, forgiveness, and the strength that comes from God.

In this series of articles, we will dive deeper into where the number 47 shows up in the Bible, what it symbolizes, and how it connects to bigger themes like unity, spiritual growth, and even Jesus himself. We’ll look at different parts of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, and see how this number plays a role in the stories and teachings.

So, stay with us as we uncover the mysteries and teachings of the number 47 in the Bible. Whether you’re new to studying the Bible or you’ve been reading it for years, there’s always something new to learn and understand, especially when it comes to the meanings behind the numbers.

Exploring the Number 47 in Biblical Context

Where Does the Number 47 Appear in the Bible?

The number 47 is not directly mentioned many times in the Bible, but it holds significant symbolic meaning. For example, it is believed that Moses spent 47 days on Mount Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments from God. This event is crucial because it represents a direct communication from God, providing laws that are foundational to Christian and Jewish beliefs.

The 47th Book of the Bible: 2 Corinthians

The 47th book of the Bible is 2 Corinthians. This book is rich with themes of comfort, forgiveness, and the strength that comes from God. Here are some key points from 2 Corinthians:

  1. Comfort in Troubles: Paul talks about how God comforts us in our troubles so that we can comfort others with the comfort we receive from God.
  2. Forgiveness: The book teaches about the importance of forgiving each other, just as God forgives us through Christ.
  3. God’s Strength in Our Weakness: Paul explains that when we are weak, then we are strong because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.

Insights into Biblical Numerology

In biblical numerology, the number 47 combines the meanings of the numbers 4 and 7. The number 4 often represents the world or things that are complete, while 7 signifies completeness or perfection on a spiritual level. When combined, these numbers suggest a connection between the world and spiritual perfection.

  • Example of Restoration and Abundance: In the story of Joseph from the Book of Genesis, Joseph endures many hardships but eventually rises to a position of great authority in Egypt. During a famine, he is able to provide for his brothers, leading to a family reconciliation. This story is associated with themes of restoration and abundance, which are also linked to the number 47.

The number 47 in the Bible, while not frequently mentioned, carries deep symbolic significance. From the 47 days Moses spent with God to the profound teachings in 2 Corinthians, this number helps us understand the connection between earthly challenges and spiritual growth. Whether it’s through the laws given to Moses or the comfort and strength discussed in 2 Corinthians, the number 47 encourages believers to see God’s hand in every aspect of life.

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The Symbolism of 47: Unity and Spiritual Evolution

Unity Under One Chief: Christ

The number 47 in the Bible symbolizes unity under one leader, who is Christ. This idea is important because it shows how different people and nations can come together under the guidance of Jesus. Here’s how the number 47 connects to this concept:

  • Christ as the Chief: In the New Testament, Jesus is described as the head of the church, which is like a body made up of many different parts (people) working together.
  • Unity of Believers: The teachings of Jesus and the apostles often focus on the unity and love among believers, which is essential for spiritual growth.

Spiritual Evolution Represented by 47

The number 47 also represents spiritual evolution, which means growing and changing in one’s spiritual life. This growth is often depicted in the Bible through stories of transformation and renewal. Here are some examples:

A. The Transformation of Saul to Paul: Saul, who was once a persecutor of Christians, experienced a dramatic spiritual transformation and became Paul, a major apostle of Christ. This change represents a deep spiritual evolution.
B. The Renewal of the Israelites: Many stories in the Old Testament describe how the Israelites renewed their faith and commitment to God after periods of hardship and disobedience.

Connection to Spiritual Growth or Transformation

The number 47’s symbolism extends to general themes of spiritual growth or transformation. This is seen in various biblical narratives where characters undergo significant changes, often after encountering God or overcoming great challenges. Here’s how this is reflected:

  1. Job’s Trials and Spiritual Growth: Job experiences severe trials, but his faith in God remains strong. In the end, his understanding of God and himself deepens, illustrating profound spiritual growth.
  2. Jonah’s Reluctance and Mission: Jonah initially runs away from God’s command but eventually goes to Nineveh to deliver God’s message. This journey highlights his transformation and the impact of spiritual obedience.

The number 47 beautifully encapsulates themes of unity and spiritual evolution in the Bible. It reminds us that through Christ, people can come together, and through faith, they can grow spiritually. These stories and teachings encourage believers to seek unity and embrace their own spiritual journeys, trusting in the transformative power of faith.

47 and Jesus: A Name of Glory and Sacrifice

The Significance of the Name Y H Sh W H

In biblical numerology, the name Y H Sh W H (Yahshuah or Jesus) has a numerical value of 47. This connection highlights the deep significance of Jesus’ name in relation to his role and mission. Here’s what the number 47 reveals about Jesus:

  • Jesus as the Savior: The name Yahshuah means “God is salvation.” This ties directly to Jesus’ role as the savior of humanity, offering salvation through his teachings and sacrifice.
  • The Power of the Name: In many biblical passages, Jesus’ name is associated with healing, power, and authority, demonstrating the profound impact of his presence and word.

Jesus as the Innocent Victim and the Justifier

The number 47 also symbolizes Jesus’ dual role as both the innocent victim and the justifier. This aspect is crucial in understanding the Christian doctrine of salvation. Here are key points illustrating this:

A. The Crucifixion: Jesus’ death on the cross is central to Christian faith. He is seen as an innocent victim, dying for the sins of others.
B. Justification through Faith: Through his sacrifice, believers are justified or made righteous in the eyes of God. This is a foundational belief in Christianity.

Connection to Psalm 47

Psalm 47 is often associated with the divine reign and is seen as a prophetic reflection of Jesus’ kingship. Here’s how Psalm 47 connects to Jesus:

  1. Celebration of God’s Reign: The psalm celebrates God’s sovereignty and his rule over the earth, which is reflective of Jesus’ role as King in the New Testament.
  2. The Ascension: The psalm mentions God ascending amid shouts of joy, which can be paralleled with Jesus’ ascension into heaven, a key event after his resurrection.
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The number 47 brings together various aspects of Jesus’ identity and mission. From his name, which sums to 47, symbolizing salvation, to his roles as both a sacrificial victim and a justifier, the number enriches our understanding of his divine purpose. Additionally, Psalm 47’s celebration of divine kingship echoes the New Testament’s portrayal of Jesus as the eternal King, further linking the number 47 to key Christian beliefs. This deepens the appreciation of how numbers can reflect and reveal theological truths in the Bible.

The Number 47 Across the Bible: From Genesis to Revelations

Various Instances and Symbols Associated with 47

The number 47, while not frequently mentioned explicitly, is symbolically significant across various books of the Bible. It often appears in contexts that highlight restoration, authority, and divine order. Here are some instances:

  • Genesis: In the creation story, the concept of divine order and completion can be linked to the symbolism of 47, representing a framework of the world created by God.
  • Exodus: The laws given to Moses, which can be tied to the number 47 through the idea of establishing divine order and governance among the Israelites.

The 47 Names of Pharaoh on the Tables of Saqqarah

An interesting historical connection to the number 47 is found in Egyptian history, which is closely linked to biblical narratives:

  • Historical Context: The Tables of Saqqarah, an ancient Egyptian document, list 47 names of Pharaoh. This number in a non-biblical context still emphasizes the idea of authority and governance.
  • Biblical Relevance: The influence of Egyptian culture and history on the Israelites, including during the period of Moses, highlights the significance of these 47 names in understanding the broader historical and biblical context.

The Number 47 in the Synoptic Gospels

In the New Testament, particularly in the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), the number 47 subtly emerges in discussions related to teachings and parables of Jesus:

  1. Teachings of Jesus: The principles and parables taught by Jesus often revolve around the themes of forgiveness, divine kingdom, and spiritual completeness, which can be conceptually linked to the number 47.
  2. Connection to Demons: Interestingly, some biblical scholars point out that the number 47 is indirectly associated with the casting out of demons, symbolizing victory over evil and restoration of spiritual order.

From the very beginning in Genesis to the detailed prophecies in Revelations, the number 47 weaves through the Bible, bringing with it themes of divine order, authority, and spiritual completeness. Whether through the creation narrative, the laws given to Moses, or the teachings of Jesus, the symbolic presence of the number 47 helps deepen our understanding of biblical messages. This exploration not only enriches our knowledge of biblical numerology but also enhances our appreciation for how deeply intertwined numbers and biblical teachings can be.

The Mystical and Prophetic Dimensions of 47

Mystical Interpretations of the Number 47

The number 47 holds a mystical significance in the Bible, often linked to divine and prophetic insights. This mystical aspect can be seen in how biblical figures and prophets understood deeper truths about God and the universe. Here’s how the number 47 plays into these mystical themes:

  • Divine Connection: The number 47 is seen as a bridge between the earthly and the divine, suggesting a connection that goes beyond the visible world.
  • Prophetic Insights: Prophets in the Bible, such as Isaiah and Daniel, often received visions and messages that had layers of meaning, which can be conceptually linked to the mystical nature of the number 47.

The Empowerment of Sons and Hebrew Representation

The Hebrew representation of the number 47, mem-zayin, carries significant meanings:

A. Mem (Water): Symbolizes the flow of wisdom and spiritual nourishment.
B. Zayin (Sword): Represents authority and the ability to cut through deception to reveal truth.

These elements combined (mem-zayin) suggest a powerful dynamic of spiritual wisdom and authority, which is crucial for understanding God’s messages and teachings.

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Prophetic Significance of 47 in Biblical Prophecy

The number 47 also appears in contexts that are prophetic, indicating specific periods or events that have deeper spiritual implications:

  1. Book of Daniel: In the prophecies concerning the end times, the understanding of numbers can provide insights into the timeline and events described.
  2. Revelations: The apocalyptic literature in Revelations uses symbolic numbers to describe the events leading up to the end of the world, where the number 47 can be interpreted as part of these symbolic messages.

The mystical and prophetic dimensions of the number 47 in the Bible highlight its importance not just as a number, but as a symbol of deeper spiritual truths. From the empowerment of biblical figures with wisdom and authority (mem-zayin) to the prophetic revelations in books like Daniel and Revelations, the number 47 serves as a key to unlocking profound biblical mysteries. This exploration into the mystical and prophetic aspects of the number 47 enriches our understanding of the Bible’s complex narrative and its teachings on divine intervention and prophecy.

47 in Biblical Prophecy and Judgment

Isaiah 47: A Message of Judgment and Redemption

Isaiah 47 is a powerful chapter in the Bible that focuses on judgment and redemption. This chapter specifically addresses the fall of Babylon, which is used as a symbol for sin and rebellion against God. Here’s how Isaiah 47 connects to the broader themes of prophecy and judgment:

  • Judgment on Babylon: The chapter describes the downfall of Babylon, a powerful city known for its wealth and corruption. This serves as a warning to all who live in opposition to God’s ways.
  • Promise of Redemption: Despite the harsh judgments, the theme of redemption is present, indicating God’s willingness to forgive and restore those who turn back to Him.

The Role of 47 in Conveying Divine Justice and Mercy

The number 47 in the context of Isaiah 47 enhances our understanding of divine justice and mercy. Here are key aspects of how this number plays into these themes:

A. Divine Justice: The precise and inevitable nature of divine judgment against sin and corruption.
B. Divine Mercy: The underlying promise that redemption is always available, reflecting God’s enduring mercy and love for His creation.

Prophetic Significance of 47 in Biblical Events

The number 47 also appears in other prophetic contexts within the Bible, signifying specific periods or events that carry deep spiritual significance:

  1. Timing and Fulfillment: In biblical prophecy, numbers often have a role in specifying the timing or fulfillment of certain prophetic events.
  2. Symbolic Representations: The number 47 can symbolize completeness in the context of divine plans, indicating that every event unfolds according to God’s perfect timing and will.

The chapter Isaiah 47 and the number 47 together deepen our understanding of the themes of judgment and redemption in the Bible. They remind us of the balance between God’s justice—his right and authority to judge sin—and His mercy—his willingness to forgive and restore. This dual theme is crucial for understanding the biblical perspective on sin, punishment, and the hope of salvation. Through the prophetic lens, the number 47 helps us appreciate the complexity and completeness of God’s plans for humanity, emphasizing that every detail in prophecy has its place and purpose.


The study of numbers like 47 in the Bible is not just an academic exercise but a journey into the heart of biblical teachings. Here’s how you can continue exploring:

The number 47 enriches our understanding of biblical symbolism, offering insights into divine order, spiritual growth, and the profound role of Jesus Christ. As we conclude this series, remember that each number in the Bible holds a story and a message, waiting to be discovered and understood. Whether you are new to studying the Bible or have been engaged with it for years, the journey of exploring its depths is both rewarding and enlightening.

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