Biblical Meaning Of Cicadas

Cicadas are interesting bugs that many people know about because they make a lot of noise and appear every few years. But did you know that cicadas are also mentioned in the Bible? This article will explore what cicadas are and how they are talked about in the Bible.

First, let’s talk about what cicadas are. Cicadas are insects that spend most of their life underground. They come out of the ground after many years, change into adults, and then make loud noises to find a mate. This cycle is fascinating and happens over many years, depending on the type of cicada.

Now, how are cicadas mentioned in the Bible? The Bible doesn’t talk about cicadas directly by name, but it does mention locusts and other insects that come in large numbers and can be seen as symbols of different things. Cicadas, like locusts, can remind us of important ideas in the Bible such as change, rebirth, and the power of nature.

In the Bible, insects and other natural events are often used to teach lessons or to show how powerful God is. For example, locusts are used in stories to show how something small can have a big impact, or how people should pay attention to the signs around them. Even though cicadas are not locusts, they can still be seen as a symbol of these ideas because of their unique life cycle and the way they impact the environment when they appear.

Understanding cicadas and their mention in the Bible helps us see the deeper meanings in these stories. It shows us how nature and the Bible can teach us about life, change, and the world around us.

Cicadas as a Symbol of Transformation

Cicadas are not just bugs that make a lot of noise. They are also a symbol of big changes. This is because of the way they grow up and change their bodies. Let’s talk about how this happens and what it means.

How Cicadas Change

  1. Starting as Nymphs: Cicadas start their life as nymphs. This means they are young cicadas that live underground. They stay there for many years, eating and growing without anyone seeing them.
  2. Becoming Adults: After many years, these nymphs come out of the ground. They then shed their old skin and turn into adult cicadas. This change is very fast and very big.
  3. Making Noise: Once they are adults, cicadas make loud noises. This is mostly the boys calling to find a girlfriend. It’s their way of saying, “Here I am!”

What This Change Means

  • Growing Up: The change from a nymph to an adult is like growing up. It shows how we all change as we get older. We learn new things and become different people.
  • New Beginnings: When cicadas come out of the ground, it’s like they are starting a new life. This can remind us that it’s never too late to start something new or make a change in our lives.
  • Being Brave: It takes courage for cicadas to leave their safe home underground and come into the open. This can teach us to be brave and face new challenges, even when it’s scary.

Understanding the transformation of cicadas can help us see changes in our own lives in a new way. It reminds us that change is a part of life. Sometimes, we need to leave behind what is comfortable to grow and become who we are meant to be. Just like cicadas, we all have times when we need to make a big change and show the world who we really are.

Cicadas and the Concept of Rebirth

Cicadas have a fascinating life cycle that can teach us a lot about the idea of rebirth. This concept is about starting fresh or being born again in a new form. Let’s dive into how the life cycle of cicadas shows us this powerful idea.

The Life Cycle of Cicadas

  1. Underground Life: Cicadas start their life as eggs. After they hatch, they go underground as nymphs. Here, they live in the dark, feeding on sap from tree roots for many years.
  2. Emerging from the Ground: After 13 or 17 years, depending on the type of cicada, they come out of the ground. This is a big moment for them. It’s like they are waking up from a long sleep.
  3. Transformation: Once they are out, they shed their old skin and become adult cicadas. This change is quick and amazing. They go from being quiet, hidden nymphs to loud, flying adults.

What Rebirth Means

  • Starting Over: The way cicadas come out of the ground and change into adults is like starting over. It shows us that no matter how long we have been in one place or situation, we can always begin again.
  • New Life: After cicadas become adults, they have a short time to live above ground. This time is full of activity. It reminds us that new life can be full of possibilities and excitement.
  • Renewal: Cicadas’ emergence is a sign of renewal. It shows that life keeps going, changing, and starting anew. This can encourage us to renew our own lives, to try new things, and to grow.

The concept of rebirth is important because it gives us hope. It tells us that it’s okay to change and to start fresh. Cicadas teach us that even after a long time in the dark, we can emerge into the light and live fully. Their life cycle is a beautiful example of how rebirth can happen in nature and in our lives.

Cicadas and the Sign of Endurance and Longevity

Cicadas are not just known for their loud sounds or their transformation. They also represent endurance and longevity. This is because of how long they live, especially the time they spend underground. Let’s explore what endurance and longevity mean and how cicadas show us these qualities.

How Long Cicadas Live

  1. Years Underground: Cicadas spend most of their life underground. This can be for 13 or even 17 years, depending on the type of cicada. During this time, they are growing and preparing for their short time above ground.
  2. Life Above Ground: After their long wait, cicadas come out of the ground, transform, and live for only a few weeks. In this time, they mate and lay eggs for the next generation.
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What Endurance Means

  • Staying Strong: Endurance is about staying strong and keeping going, even when things are hard. Cicadas do this by living underground for many years before they can come out.
  • Patience: Cicadas teach us patience. They wait a long time in the dark before they can see the sun. This shows us that sometimes, we need to be patient and wait for the right time to make our move.

What Longevity Means

  • Living a Long Life: Longevity means living a long life. Cicadas live for many years, which is a lot longer than many other insects. This shows us that living a long life involves preparation and growth, even if we can’t see it.
  • Making an Impact: Even though cicadas are only above ground for a short time, they make a big impact. They remind us that it’s not just about how long you live, but what you do with the time you have.

Understanding the endurance and longevity of cicadas can inspire us. It shows us that sometimes, we need to go through long periods of growth and preparation to achieve our goals. Cicadas teach us that even if we are waiting or working hard without seeing results right away, our time will come. And when it does, we can make a big impact, just like cicadas do when they finally emerge.

Cicadas and the Idea of Liberation

Cicadas not only live a long time and show us about change, but they also give us a picture of what it means to be free. When they come out of the ground, it’s like they are being set free after being trapped for so long. Let’s look at how cicadas can be seen as a sign of freedom and what liberation means.

When Cicadas Come Out of the Ground

  1. The Big Moment: After many years underground, cicadas finally come out. This is a big moment for them. It’s the first time they see the sky and feel the air.
  2. Breaking Free: They break out of their old skin and leave it behind. This is like breaking free from something that holds you back.
  3. Flying High: As adult cicadas, they can fly. They go from living in the dark, tight space underground to flying in the open air. This is a big change and it’s all about being free.

What Liberation Means

  • Freedom: Liberation is about being free. It’s when you are no longer stuck in a place or situation. Cicadas show us this when they come out of the ground and can move freely.
  • Letting Go: To be free, sometimes you have to let go of old things. Cicadas let go of their old skin. This teaches us that sometimes we need to let go of old habits or thoughts to be truly free.
  • New Opportunities: Being free means you can do new things. For cicadas, this means flying and making noise. For us, it can mean trying new things and going to new places.

Seeing cicadas become free is important because it can give us hope. It shows us that no matter how long we have been stuck, there is always a chance to be free. Cicadas teach us that freedom comes with change and letting go of the past. They remind us to look for new opportunities and to enjoy the freedom we have.

Cicadas in Biblical Plagues

Cicadas are fascinating creatures that remind many people of the stories of plagues in the Bible. While cicadas themselves are not mentioned as a plague, their appearance and the reaction they provoke can make us think of those ancient stories. Let’s explore how cicadas can be linked to the biblical plagues and what we can learn from this connection.

The Story of Plagues in the Bible

  1. The Plagues of Egypt: In the Bible, specifically in the book of Exodus, there are stories of ten plagues that God sent to Egypt. These plagues were a way to show Pharaoh the power of God and to convince him to let the Israelite slaves go free.
  2. The Plague of Locusts: One of these plagues was a huge swarm of locusts. The Bible says that the locusts covered the land and ate all the plants. This caused a lot of problems for the people in Egypt because it destroyed their food.

If Cicadas Were One of These Plagues

  • Similarities: Cicadas and locusts are different, but they have some things in common. Both can appear in large numbers, and both make a lot of noise. This can be scary or annoying for people who are not used to it.
  • Differences: Unlike locusts, cicadas do not eat plants in the same way. Cicadas suck sap from trees, but they usually don’t cause serious damage. Locusts, on the other hand, can eat a lot of plants quickly and cause a lot of harm to crops.

Cicadas as a Warning Sign

  • Nature’s Signals: Cicadas can remind us to pay attention to nature. Their appearance every 13 or 17 years is like a clock, showing us how time passes and how nature has its own patterns.
  • Learning from the Past: Just like the plagues in the Bible were a sign for the people of Egypt, cicadas can be a sign for us. They can remind us to take care of the environment and to be ready for changes that can happen in nature.

Understanding the connection between cicadas and the biblical plagues can help us see the world in a different way. It shows us that stories from the past can still have meaning today. Cicadas, like the locusts in the Bible, remind us of the power of nature and the importance of being prepared for what it can bring.

Cicadas as a Warning Sign

When cicadas appear, it marks a significant event in nature due to their unique life cycle and the sheer number of individuals that emerge simultaneously. This emergence can serve as a natural reminder or warning sign, drawing parallels to how the Bible uses signs to communicate messages or warnings to people.

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What Happens When Cicadas Appear

  1. Mass Emergence: Cicadas spend most of their lives underground, emerging en masse after 13 or 17 years. This sudden appearance of billions of cicadas can be both fascinating and overwhelming.
  2. Loud Choruses: Once they emerge, male cicadas produce loud, distinctive songs to attract females for mating. These choruses can reach up to 90 decibels, equivalent to the noise level of a lawnmower or motorcycle, creating a hard-to-ignore natural phenomenon.
  3. Environmental Impact: While cicadas are mostly harmless, their mass emergence can have noticeable effects on the environment. They feed on tree sap and lay eggs in small branches, which can sometimes damage young trees. However, their life cycle also enriches the soil with nutrients when they die.

How the Bible Uses Signs to Warn People

  • Symbolic Messages: The Bible often uses natural events and phenomena as symbols or signs to convey messages or warnings to people. For example, plagues, famines, and natural disasters are sometimes interpreted as divine warnings or judgments.
  • Calls for Reflection: Just as the appearance of cicadas can prompt people to reflect on the cycles of nature and life, biblical signs often call for introspection, repentance, or a change in behavior among those who witness or hear about them.
  • Prophetic Significance: In some biblical narratives, specific signs are linked to prophetic messages about future events, urging people to prepare or to recognize the fulfillment of divine promises.

The emergence of cicadas, with its rarity and dramatic impact, can remind us of the biblical use of signs as a means of communication between the divine and the human. In both cases, the underlying message is to pay attention, reflect on our actions and their consequences, and be mindful of the larger cycles and forces at work in the world.

Cicadas and the Timing of Events

Cicadas have a unique way of telling us about the timing of events in nature. They come out of the ground every 13 or 17 years, which is like nature’s clock. This can teach us a lot about how the Bible and nature use timing to show us important things.

When Cicadas Show Up

  1. Predictable Cycles: Cicadas have a set schedule. They come out every 13 or 17 years, depending on their type. This is one of the most predictable events in nature.
  2. Sudden Appearance: When it’s time, all the cicadas in an area come out at once. This can happen over a few nights, and suddenly, they are everywhere.
  3. The End of Their Cycle: After they come out, cicadas only live for a few weeks. They mate, lay eggs, and then they die. Their short time above ground is the end of their long cycle.

What the Bible Says About Timing

  • Everything Has a Time: The Bible talks a lot about timing. For example, Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” This means that everything in life has its right time.
  • God’s Timing: The Bible also teaches that God has a plan and timing for everything. Sometimes we have to wait for the right time for things to happen, just like we wait for cicadas to come out.
  • Signs of the Times: In the Bible, timing can also be a sign. Jesus talked about understanding the “signs of the times” to know what is coming. Just like we know cicadas will come out at a certain time, there are signs in life that can tell us about important events.

Why It’s Important

Understanding the timing of cicadas and what the Bible says about timing can help us be more patient and aware of the world around us. It teaches us that:

  • Patience is Important: Just like we wait for cicadas, sometimes we have to wait for the right time in our lives for things to happen.
  • Everything Has a Purpose: Cicadas come out for a reason, and their timing is part of the cycle of nature. This reminds us that everything in life has a purpose, even if we don’t see it right away.
  • Be Ready: Just like cicadas suddenly appear, important events in our lives can happen suddenly. Being aware and ready can help us make the most of these times.

Cicadas and the Importance of Community

Cicadas are not just interesting because of their long life underground or their loud songs. They also show us how important being together in a community is. When cicadas come out of the ground, they do it together, and this can teach us a lot about the value of being with others.

How Cicadas Are With Other Cicadas

  1. Coming Out Together: Cicadas spend years underground, but when it’s time to come out, they do it all at once. This isn’t by accident. It’s a way to make sure they are safe from predators and have the best chance to find a mate.
  2. Making Noise Together: The loud noise that cicadas make is actually a big group effort. Male cicadas sing to attract females, but when lots of them sing together, it’s much louder and can be heard from far away. This helps them find each other.
  3. Protecting Each Other: By emerging in huge numbers, cicadas use a strategy called “predator satiation.” There are so many of them that predators can’t eat them all, so many cicadas can survive and lay eggs for the next generation.

What the Bible Teaches About Being With Others

  • Strength in Numbers: The Bible talks about the importance of being together. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” This means that being with others makes us stronger.
  • Helping Each Other: In the Bible, people are encouraged to help and support each other. Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” This teaches us to be there for others, just like cicadas are there for each other.
  • Community is Important: The Bible shows us that being part of a community is important. Acts 2:44-47 talks about the early Christians sharing everything they had and being together. This shows us the value of being part of a group.
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Why It’s Important

Understanding how cicadas live together and what the Bible says about community can help us see how important it is to be with others. It teaches us that:

  • We Are Stronger Together: Just like cicadas, we can do more and be safer when we are with others.
  • Supporting Each Other: Being part of a community means helping each other out, just like the Bible teaches us to do.
  • The Value of Community: Being with others isn’t just about being strong or safe. It’s also about sharing our lives and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Cicadas as a Reminder of Nature’s Power

Cicadas are not just bugs that come out every few years; they are also a big reminder of how powerful and amazing nature is. When cicadas emerge, their loud noise and the big change they go through show us just how incredible the world around us can be.

The Loud Noise Cicadas Make

  1. Why They Are So Loud: Cicadas make noise to find a mate. The males sing, and the females listen. When lots of cicadas sing together, it can be as loud as a rock concert. This shows how strong and full of life nature is.
  2. How It Affects Us: The sound of cicadas can fill the air for weeks. It reminds us that nature has its own ways and cycles. Even in places where people live, nature can make itself heard loud and clear.

How Cicadas Show the Power of Nature

  • Big Numbers: Cicadas come out in huge numbers, sometimes in the billions. This shows how nature can do things on a big scale, much bigger than anything people can do.
  • Survival: Cicadas spend most of their life underground, waiting for the right time to come out. This survival strategy shows how nature finds ways to keep going, no matter what.
  • Change: The transformation of cicadas from nymphs to adults is a big change. It shows us how nature is always changing and growing.

What the Bible Shows About the Power of Nature

  • Creation: The Bible starts with the story of creation, showing how God made the world and everything in it. This tells us that nature is a powerful and important part of God’s plan.
  • Respect for Nature: The Bible teaches us to take care of the world around us. For example, Genesis 2:15 says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” This means we should respect and protect nature.
  • Nature’s Role: In the Bible, nature often plays a big role in stories and teachings. It’s used to show God’s power and to teach people lessons. This reminds us that nature is not just something to look at; it’s a big part of our world and our lives.

Why It’s Important

Cicadas and the Bible both remind us of how powerful nature is. They show us that:

  • Nature is Strong: Nature can do amazing things, like making billions of cicadas come out of the ground all at once.
  • We Are Part of Nature: Even though we live in houses and cities, we are still part of the natural world. Cicadas remind us of this connection.
  • We Should Respect Nature: Seeing the power of nature in cicadas and reading about it in the Bible teaches us to respect and take care of the world around us.


As we come to the end of our exploration of cicadas and their connection to the Bible, it’s clear that these fascinating insects have a lot to teach us. Cicadas are not just a part of nature; they also carry deep meanings that can be related to biblical teachings. Let’s sum up what we’ve learned about cicadas and how we can apply these lessons to our lives today.

Summing Up What Cicadas Mean in the Bible

  1. Symbols of Change and Transformation: Cicadas remind us that change is a natural and necessary part of life. Their transformation from nymphs to adults is a powerful picture of growth and development.
  2. Examples of Rebirth and Renewal: The emergence of cicadas from the ground is like a new beginning. It shows us the beauty of rebirth and the continuous cycle of life.
  3. Signs of Endurance and Longevity: Cicadas live a long time, mostly out of sight. Their life teaches us about patience and the rewards of enduring through hard times.
  4. Messengers of Liberation: When cicadas break free from their old skin and fly for the first time, they symbolize freedom and the joy of liberation.
  5. Reminders of Community: Cicadas come out in large groups, showing us the strength and safety found in community.
  6. Indicators of Nature’s Power: The loud chorus of cicadas is a testament to the overwhelming and awe-inspiring power of the natural world.

How We Can Learn from Cicadas Today

  • Embrace Change: Like cicadas, we should be open to change and see it as an opportunity for growth.
  • Value Patience: Cicadas teach us to be patient and to trust that good things come to those who wait.
  • Seek Freedom: We can learn from cicadas to break free from what holds us back and to embrace the freedom to live our lives fully.
  • Build Community: Just as cicadas rely on each other, we too can find strength and support in our communities.
  • Respect Nature: Cicadas remind us to respect the power of nature and to live in harmony with the world around us.

In conclusion, cicadas, though small, carry significant meanings that resonate with biblical themes. They teach us about transformation, rebirth, endurance, liberation, community, and the power of nature. These lessons from both cicadas and the Bible can guide us in our daily lives, encouraging us to grow, to be patient, to seek freedom, to build strong communities, and to respect the natural world. Remember, the next time you see or hear cicadas, think about the profound lessons they represent and how you can apply them to your own life.

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