Biblical Meaning Of 36

Numbers hold great significance in the Bible, often carrying deep symbolic meanings. One such number is 36, which appears in various contexts throughout Scripture. In this article, we will delve into the biblical meaning of 36, exploring its symbolism and significance within a spiritual framework. Through an understanding of its biblical context, we can gain insights into the profound messages conveyed through this number.

The Symbolism of Numbers in the Bible

Before we explore the specific meaning of 36, it is important to understand the broader symbolism of numbers in the Bible. Numbers are often used as a form of divine communication, conveying spiritual truths, patterns, and messages.

In the Bible, numbers can represent a range of concepts, such as completion, divine order, perfection, and spiritual significance. Each number holds unique symbolism and conveys specific meanings within the biblical context.

Understanding the Number 36

The number 36 is a composite number, meaning it is divisible by more than just itself and one. It is derived from multiplying 6 by 6, which reinforces its symbolic connection to the number 6.

  1. The Number 6: In biblical numerology, the number 6 is associated with human imperfection and the limitations of earthly existence. It represents the incompleteness and flaws of human nature, often linked to the concept of sin. However, the number 6 also has positive aspects, such as representing the six days of creation and the idea of human labor and effort.
  2. The Significance of Multiplication: When we multiply 6 by 6 to get 36, it emphasizes the amplification and intensification of the number 6’s symbolism. This multiplication can be seen as a magnification of human imperfection or as a call to recognize our limitations and seek spiritual growth and redemption.

Biblical References to the Number 36

While the number 36 itself is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, there are references to its factors and related numbers that shed light on its meaning. Let’s explore some of these biblical connections:

  1. The Twelve Tribes of Israel: The nation of Israel consisted of twelve tribes, each descended from one of the twelve sons of Jacob. When we multiply 3 (representing divine completeness and perfection) by 12 (representing governance and divine order), we get 36. This multiplication suggests the divine oversight and completeness within the structure of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  2. The Thirty-Six Righteous People: In Jewish mysticism, there is a concept of the “Lamed-Vav Tzadikim,” which refers to the belief that at any given time, there are thirty-six righteous individuals who serve as spiritual pillars for the world. These righteous individuals are believed to be instrumental in maintaining the balance and harmony of the world through their prayers and righteous actions. While not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, this belief underscores the spiritual significance associated with the number 36.
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Symbolic Interpretations of the Number 36

Drawing from the biblical references and the symbolic associations of its factors, we can derive possible interpretations of the number 36 within a spiritual framework:

  1. Completeness and Divine Order: The number 36, being a multiple of 6 and related to the twelve tribes of Israel, represents divine completeness and governance. It signifies the establishment of divine order and the perfect harmony of God’s plan.
  2. Redemption and Spiritual Growth: The magnification of the number 6 to 36 can be seen as a call to recognize our human imperfections and seek redemption and spiritual growth. It reminds us of the need to rely on God’s grace and strive for personal transformation.
  3. The Role of Righteousness: The concept of the thirty-six righteous people suggests the significance of righteous individuals in the world. The number 36 may encourage us to cultivate righteousness, lead a life of integrity, and serve as positive influences in our communities.

Applying the Biblical Meaning of 36 to Our Lives

Understanding the biblical meaning of 36 can have practical implications for our spiritual journey. Here are some ways to apply its symbolism to our lives:

  1. Embrace Imperfection and Seek Growth: Recognize your limitations and imperfections as a human being. Instead of being discouraged by them, use them as catalysts for personal growth and spiritual development. Strive to become more Christ-like, seeking redemption and transformation.
  2. Cultivate Righteousness: Embrace the role of righteousness in your life. Live with integrity, compassion, and love towards others. Seek to make a positive impact in your community and be a source of inspiration and support for those around you.
  3. Trust in Divine Order: Trust in God’s divine plan and the order He has established. Even in times of uncertainty, believe that God is working all things together for good. Surrender your worries and anxieties to Him, knowing that He is in control.

The Symbolic Significance of Factors of 36

In addition to the broader symbolism of the number 36, exploring the significance of its factors can provide further insights into its meaning. The factors of 36 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 36 itself. Let’s delve into the symbolism of some of these factors:

  1. The Number 1: The factor 1 represents unity and singularity. It signifies the oneness of God and His divine nature. In the context of 36, the factor 1 emphasizes the indivisible connection between the divine and human realms, encouraging us to seek a deep spiritual connection with God.
  2. The Number 2: The factor 2 signifies duality and partnership. It can represent the union of opposites, such as male and female, light and darkness, or good and evil. In the context of 36, the factor 2 may suggest the importance of finding balance and harmony in our lives, as we navigate the tensions and conflicts inherent in the human experience.
  3. The Number 3: The factor 3 is associated with divine perfection and completeness. It symbolizes the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and the unity of God. In the context of 36, the factor 3 highlights the divine presence in our lives and the invitation to align ourselves with the perfect will of God.
  4. The Number 6: As mentioned earlier, the factor 6 represents human imperfection and the limitations of earthly existence. It signifies the need for redemption and spiritual growth. In the context of 36, the factor 6 underscores the significance of acknowledging our flaws and seeking divine transformation.
  5. The Number 9: The factor 9 is associated with divine judgment and spiritual enlightenment. It signifies the culmination of a cycle and the transition to a new phase. In the context of 36, the factor 9 may represent the completion of a spiritual journey and the readiness for a new chapter of spiritual understanding and growth.
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Applying the Symbolism of Factors to our Lives

Understanding the symbolic significance of the factors of 36 can guide us in applying its meaning to our lives. Here are some practical ways to incorporate this symbolism into our spiritual journey:

  1. Seek Unity with God: Embrace the oneness of God and cultivate a deep connection with Him. Through prayer, meditation, and studying His Word, strive for a spiritual union that transcends the boundaries of the physical realm.
  2. Embrace Balance and Harmony: Recognize the importance of balance and seek harmony in all aspects of your life. Strive to integrate opposing forces and find a middle ground that aligns with God’s truth and values.
  3. Pursue Spiritual Growth: Acknowledge your imperfections and commit to a lifelong journey of spiritual growth. Embrace opportunities for self-reflection, repentance, and personal transformation, relying on God’s grace and guidance.
  4. Embrace Divine Judgment: Allow moments of divine judgment and reflection to illuminate areas of your life that need refinement. Embrace the lessons learned and make conscious choices that align with God’s righteousness.

Exploring Biblical Numerology and the Meaning of 36

Biblical numerology is a fascinating field of study that examines the symbolic meaning and significance of numbers in the Bible. Let’s delve deeper into this subject and explore the specific implications of the number 36 within biblical numerology.

  1. Understanding Biblical Numerology: Biblical numerology involves the study of numbers and their spiritual meanings as they appear in the Bible. Numbers are not merely quantitative, but they carry symbolic and spiritual significance that can provide insights into divine messages and patterns.
  2. Significance of the Number 36: In biblical numerology, the number 36 is seen as a highly significant and spiritually charged number. It combines the properties of the numbers 3 and 6, amplifying their individual meanings and conveying a unique message.
  3. The Number 3: The number 3 is a powerful symbol of divine perfection, completeness, and the Trinity. It represents the threefold nature of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The appearance of the number 3 suggests divine presence, wholeness, and divine perfection in a situation.
  4. The Number 6: The number 6 is associated with humanity, imperfection, and the limitations of the earthly realm. It signifies the need for redemption, transformation, and the overcoming of human weaknesses. The presence of the number 6 highlights the human condition and the call to seek divine guidance and intervention.
  5. Combining 3 and 6: When the numbers 3 and 6 are combined to form 36, it emphasizes the interplay between the divine and human realms. It suggests a harmonious relationship between God’s perfect nature and human imperfection, calling for spiritual growth, redemption, and a deeper connection with the divine.
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Biblical Significance of the Number 36

While the number 36 itself is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, there are biblical references that provide insights into its spiritual significance. Here are a few key references related to the number 36:

  1. The Thirty-Six Generations: In the genealogy of Jesus Christ presented in the Gospel of Matthew, there are three sets of fourteen generations each. The numerical value of the Hebrew letters in the name David, which represents the lineage of Jesus, is also 14. This multiplication of 14 by 3 yields the number 42. The factors of 42 are 6 and 7, indicating the combination of human imperfection and divine completeness.
  2. The Thirty-Six Cities: In Joshua 21:41-42, it is mentioned that the Levites were given forty-eight cities, among which were six cities of refuge. These six cities were designated as places of sanctuary for individuals who unintentionally caused harm to others. The presence of the number 36 (6 multiplied by 6) within this context highlights the significance of seeking refuge and redemption from the consequences of our actions.
  3. The Thirty-Six Righteous People: As mentioned earlier, Jewish mysticism holds the belief that at any given time, there are thirty-six righteous individuals who serve as spiritual pillars for the world. This concept, known as the “Lamed-Vav Tzadikim,” suggests that the presence of these righteous individuals contributes to the overall spiritual well-being of humanity.

Practical Implications and Personal Reflection

Understanding the biblical meaning of 36 and its numerical symbolism can have practical implications for our spiritual lives. Here are some ways to apply this knowledge to our personal reflection and growth:

  1. Embrace Divine Perfection: Recognize the perfect nature of God and His presence in your life. Trust in His guidance and rely on His grace to navigate through the challenges and imperfections of the world.
  2. Seek Spiritual Transformation: Acknowledge your own imperfections and limitations as a human being. Embrace the call to seek redemption, transformation, and spiritual growth. Surrender your weaknesses to God and allow Him to work in you to bring about positive change.
  3. Strive for Righteousness: Be mindful of your actions and their impact on others. Strive to live a life of righteousness, integrity, and compassion. Seek to be a source of light and inspiration, contributing positively to the world around you.
  4. Find Refuge in God: When faced with challenges or the consequences of your actions, seek refuge in God’s love and forgiveness. Approach Him with a humble heart, seeking His guidance, and finding solace in His presence.


The biblical meaning of the number 36 carries deep spiritual significance within the context of biblical numerology. Through an understanding of the properties of the numbers 3 and 6 and their combination in 36, we gain insights into divine perfection, human imperfection, redemption, and spiritual growth. By embracing the lessons conveyed through this number, we can cultivate a deeper connection with God, seek personal transformation, and strive for righteousness in our lives.

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